Monday, November 14, 2016

lessons learned

So this week I learned if one of the velcro tabs rips off your baby's diaper, just get a new diaper and do not attempt to use duct tape to close the diaper...
I feel kinda bad like my blog is all baby stuff now. However, this blog was always just written for me as some sort of journal and writing outlet, I never promised any certain specific themes!! And right now, my everyday life pretty much is, whelp I just had this baby. Not much else going on.
So back to baby stuff.
My little boy has a belly button now. I successfully gave him his first bath by myself, he didn't seem to mind being bobbled around, slippery little devil!
Speaking of bellies. Today I noticed 2 patches of stretch marks on my belly. Not fair, if they didn't appear while my stomach was stretching to hold an almost 9lb baby it doesn't seem fair to show up now as it's almost back to normal! Boo. Oh well. Good news is I am starting to feel like my tears are healing up a little. It's still swollen, but no more tears of pain since last week. Thank God!
So I tried to exercise this morning, apparently that "wait 6 weeks" isn't just a suggestion, every squat felt like a stitch was about to bust open. So I gave up. It's hard though, I'm an exercise almost every day person so feeling sluggish. I must be getting some exercise just carrying and moving him around, my back is pretty sore from something.
In other news, I've made this delicious banana bread recipe at least 6 loaves now. We love it. I just use regular sugar, whole wheat flour (Meijer didn't even have spelt?!) and always add the chocolate chips, and walnuts to the top of my half of the loaf. It is sooo good. Make it!
Otherwise not much going on. I'm finishing up my semester of class and trying to get motivated to do my section of a paper on health insurance, yeah, exciting stuff. Doug has been home but is starting to transition to going back to work, he'll be back full time next week. Don't leave us! Even though I am a perfectly capable 35 year old woman I feel very intimidated being alone with this little guy. I don't know, it's hard getting his routine in with my old normal routine.
haha his little grumpy face!
Random gift received from our neighbor, a super soft nice personalized blanket
chilling with my babies
Daddy time
Overall we are doing good and I am thankful.

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