Monday, November 21, 2016

a swear word kinda day

August is actually doing pretty good, and I'm feeling mostly better. At night he's sleeping about 3 hours at a time before he gets hungry, so I should be thankful. I think the sleep interruptions are starting to get to me though, by the morning I just feel exhausted and I always want to keep sleeping!
This morning has been frustrating. Peed on when I opened his diaper. Fed him and then he spit up all over everything. Tried to pump for the first time and could only get one drop out and it was painful/uncomfortable. And the fabric shower liner leaks all the time. Rrrr!
I don't know what to do about the pump thing. You're supposed to introduce a bottle between 3-4 weeks so baby doesn't reject it later, but I can't get any milk out! Breastfeeding so far hasn't been painful, there is a initial discomfort as he takes his first latch, but then nothing. But the pump was bothering me with every pump. I don't know.
Anyway, it is a sunny day outside, maybe we should just go for a walk.
Some pictures from our last week:
bath time with daddy
cool guy
nap time with mom
hanging out while mom did schoolwork
We have been adjusting well overall. I made it out to Bible study last week. We went to a friend's baby's first birthday party, we've been back to church. A lot to be thankful for really, I just need God to help me with my patience!
P.S. Super easy chicken noodle soup recipe, Doug said "the best chicken noodle ever!"

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