Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter and other happenings

Doug and I had a nice Easter. We saw my parents on Saturday and then Sunday went to Doug's parents church. To me it's just not Easter unless someone says, "He is risen" and someone answers back, "He is risen indeed." So true! So I appreciated that at their more traditional church. Then we went out to lunch with them. Although I do not like going out to restaurants on holidays. I feel bad that if I wasn't there, maybe those people could shut down and be with their own families. I guess Doug's mom doesn't like to cook anymore, and Doug asked me on like Friday if I wanted to host. Ummm.. no. So out we went. The day was sunny and nice so in the afternoon Doug, his brother and I went on a nice bike ride.
Doug has been hard at work insulating our attic. He's been crawling around up there pulling down old gross blankets and weird Christmas santa stuff he found up there. Our attic doesn't have enough insulation. Thanks for noticing home inspector! Fail. Anyway, so we are getting an electrician to check out this burnt looking spot where there is a ceiling fan in the room below, and Doug bought $800 worth of pink fluff to put down. Should be helpful in the long run. And he's had to go around the whole house installing these soffit vents that do something.
I married such a hard worker. Seriously one of those days I was taking a 2 hour nap while he worked!
And then he goes out and buys me this:
mmm... I stretched that puppy out a few days
Lastly I was bitter when Doug's friend got him this quesadilla maker, why not just make them on the stovetop I thought?! An extra appliance to store in a tiny kitchen, but I used it the other day
mmm.. melty cheesy goodness. Stay on my tortilla cheesy river!

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