Monday, January 28, 2013

weekend update

This was another weekend spent mainly studying. I took my exam this morning. I probably did ok. I know I got a few wrong on oxygenation, and I think I got one of the diabetes ones wrong - although I cannot figure out how, I memorized all the onsets, peaks, and durations - but her answer was different on the self-checker. We'll see...
My boss took me out to lunch on Friday to that good mexican place, so on Saturday, I made a very tasty omelet with the leftovers.
Also on Friday this arrived in the mail:
My sister got an iphone so she sold/gave me her old ipod! It is awesome. It took some figuring out, but already I have installed a bunch of drug and medical apps and this thing to quiz me with my stuff I'm studying. (and of course fun stuff like exercise apps and my robert pattinson screensaver, yes please)
Sunday night I made a stirfry
I totally burned the sauce :(, Andrew was always the saucemaker not me, but it still tasted ok. I'm not sure how I feel about 'fish sauce' it makes the apt smell super funky. I might just sub soy sauce from now on
Listened to some pandora tunes while I cooked
Then after dinner I met up with a few friends downtown. There was a fire & ice event all weekend, Friday and Saturday night I watched fireworks from the warmth of my living room, and then Sunday we walked and looked at the ice sculptures.
Liz being an eskimo
Good times

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  1. Looks like a good weekend! Your meals look amazing, yum!!!!