Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kitchen Tunes and Muffins

I set up the ipod dock thing my sister gave me yesterday in the kitchen. I was already jamming to some radio hits and glee music she left on there as I made a batch of muffins.

There it is up on my pantry shelf. I just downloaded itunes 10 since mine was like itunes 3 and it wouldn't sync, so hopefully that will work when I get home and can try it!

I made a big batch of bran muffins to keep in the freezer at work. That way I can quick grab a muffin, give it a smear of pb, and keep the growls away during that period between breakfast and lunch when I am always so hungry for some reason no matter what I eat for breakfast.

Stirring the muffins!

I think I just found this bran muffin recipe online awhile ago, but it's a good one. It uses fiber 1 cereal, whole wheat flour, which I always use half ground oats flour too, and it uses applesauce for the fat. I didn't have any, so my muffins got a tin of baby food prunes, mmm.

Yesterday Andrew told me he started tallying up his calories in some sort of app and discovered he is supposed to get 2700 kcals for his size/exercise regimen, and he only gets around 2000. I felt bad, like my cooking and bad lunch packing is to blame for him being 'lanky' as he puts it. Anyway, I love his body, but I do want to support his fitness goals. But I felt bad because I already have such a hard time with meal planning, and trying to make enough to last for dinner and next day lunches, and it's never enough! Plus trying to stay under the grocery bucks budget. It's SO HARD!! So I'm not sure what to do- I jokingly told him to just eat 2 cups of icecream a day. But I really don't know what to do. Maybe more pasta? Cheap and easy... any ideas??

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  1. You are an excellent wife, I am seriously impressed with your meal planning, muffin making, and lunch packing amazingness!!! You inspire me to be better at it for Garth!:)

    The only suggestions I have (which you probably already know) - load up on high calorie snacks like almonds or peanuts and to stock his desk at work with apples, string cheese, and oatmeal. That is what I have Garth do so he is never starving and to ensure he is eating enough throughout the day.