Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Anne's Everyday Life Sometimes Wants Someone Elses

Is it sad if I realized I mostly use my blog as a quick jump to other people's blogs so I don't have to remember all these names?

My hubbs would be mad if he saw the title of this post. But of course he won't see it, so no problems there. I'm not really wishing for anyone elses life. I like mine just fine. But I do like to read about other's more than I like to write about my own at least!

I was excited to start a blog. But I'm not sure I really like it. I have a really hard time getting my pictures and spacing right. Everything is often all strange sizes and weird spots where I didn't place the pictures and it bugs me. My camera is an elaborate set up of uploading pics to the laptop and then saving them to a flash drive and taking them to a computer where I can get online. The idea is good, so maybe I'll write when I want to, but I'm not so sure blogging is for me. Maybe I was meant to be a good reader :)

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  1. I think every blogger goes through phases of being excited and other times of feeling like it's drudgery to come up with another post - even those blogs you like reading are like that.

    It's totally fine if you would rather be a reader but I am enjoying reading about your life here! :)