Thursday, June 15, 2017

sewn gifts

A couple things I've made lately.
Inspired by this on pinterest:
I made a quilt for our friend Fran who is expecting a little boy. I thought I was going to have to miss her shower, so I wanted to make her something really special. It turns out I get to go anyway. So bonus for Fran!
One nice thing was I had a lot of blue fabrics from another quilt project I did a couple years ago, so I didn't buy more than $16 of supplies.
I didn't have a pattern, I just kinda cut up triangles, sewed them together, then laid out my pattern so it wouldn't be too much of the same color in one spot, and kept sewing
Many hours later it was all sewn and ready for the edging
little mistakes like this always seem to happen :(, but a cute neutral gray soft backing.
all done!
Somehow I didn't notice until the end that her color gradating was from top to bottom and mine is from side to side. So I actually like hers better. And hers is a little bigger. But oh well, lesson learned, and just a cute little blanket to throw down and let baby play. August was proud of me.
One more thing I made was a sweet little baby bonnet from a pattern I found online for our friends from our Apologetics class having their first baby.
Once again using mostly scrap fabric from old pillowcases I used back in massage school. I worked on it over a couple bedtimes so I don't know how long it took exactly, not too long. It was the 0-3 month size so August's head is way too big to test it out. Hopefully they will have a cat-sized headed baby girl :) September approved!

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